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IPv4 Subnet CalculatorPRO

Calculate IPv4 subnet details for a VLSM CIDR, in Hex, Binary and Decimal.

IPv4 Subnet Calculator

1. This is a VLSM CIDR Subnet Calculator

2. Calculates the broadcast address, wildcard mask, network range, first and last host ip, total usable host IPs, network bits, host bits, DNS PTR Record.

3. Also calculates 6to4 prefix, IPv4 mapped IPv6 address for network address. Tells whether the IPs in network are private or public or link-local or loopback or reserved for multicast.

4. This VLSM CIDR Subnet Calculator shows results in Octal, Binary, Decimal and Hex format.

5. You have the flexibilty to enter either the network address or any IP address of your network. If IP address is entered then network address is automatically calculated and calculation is done based on the calculated network addresses. Example: whether you enter or, program will use for its calculation.

Enter a network address (or an IP Address of the network) and select subnet mask

Network Address