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IPv4 Subnet CreatorPRO

Create new IPv4 subnets, based on required no. of subnets or hosts, from an existing subnet CIDR. Practice IPv4 subnetting.

IPv4 Subnet Creator

1. This IPv4 Subnet Creator creates subnets based on the number of hosts required or number of subnets required by you.

2. You have the flexibilty to enter either the network address or any IP address of your network. If IP address is entered then network address is automatically calculated and calculation is done based on the calculated network addresses. Example: whether you enter or, program will use for its calculation.

3. As the hosts and subnets are always available in powers of 2. Resulting subnets/hosts would also be shown in powers of 2. Example: If you try to create 5 subnets, you will get 2^3 (=8) subnets.

4. Shows only the first 1024 of the created subnets.

Enter base network

Network Address

Enter required no. of subnets or hosts

No. of subnets
Max subnets: 256, all /32s
No. of hosts
Max hosts: 256