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IPv6 ToolsPRO

Your ultimate suite of IPv6 tools. Covers all aspects of IPv6 addressing and subnetting comprehensively.

Tools' Summary

IPv6 Address Planner

The best freely available IPv6 Address Planner on the internet today.

Design an IPv6 address plan for your VPC or DC. Create and visualize new subnets from an existing network/subnet and then from the created subnets create more subnets.

Use this for designing IPv6 addressing plan in Cloud VPCs, like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud, etc. It can also be used for designing IPv6 addressing plan for physical Data Centers.

You can create subnets based on required number of subnets and/or hosts or prefix. There is a lot more to do with this tool, try it to now.

IPv6 Subnet Calculator

Calculate IPv6 subnet details, like wildcard mask, first and last host IPv6 address, network range, IPv6 DNS PTR record, embedded 6to4 prefix, embedded IPv4 mapped IPv6 and a lot of other useful info using this free online IPv6 Subnet Calculator tool.

Calculate IPv6 subnet details in decimal or hexadecimal.

Needless to say, use this tool as , AWS IP (IPv6) Subnet CIDR Calculator, calculate IP details for a linux machine, windows machine or any system which uses IPv6 addresses.

To know about reserved IPv6 addresses in AWS VPC Subnet CIDR check this link.

IPv6 Subnet Creator

Create new IPv6 subnets, based on required no. of subnets or hosts, from an existing subnet or network using this free online IPv6 Subnet Creator tool.

Great tool to learn, practice and challenge your IPv6 subnetting skills.

IPv6 Local Address Range Generator

Generate RFC 4193 compliant random Global ID and(or) Subnet ID using this free online IPv6 Local Address Range Generator tool.

See RFC 4193 Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses for more info about local address ranges and generation algorithm.

IPv6 Supernet Calculator

Create supernet (aka summary or aggregate depending on context) from one or more IPv4 networks or subnets using this free online IPv4 Supernet Calculator.

IPv6 Subnet/IP in Network?

Check whether an IPv6 address or subnet belongs to a IPv6 Network or not using this free online tool.

Compress and Expand IPv6

Compress and Expand an IPv6 Address using this free online tool.

IPv6 Overlapping Networks?

Check whether two IPv6 Networks have overlapping IPv6 addresses or not using this free online IPv6 Overlapping Networks tool.

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To know more about IPv6 Addressing check out these credible resources:

RFC 8200: Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification

Wiki: IPv6

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